A middle school teacher in Tennessee has been indicted after allegedly exposing himself inside a classroom as well as masturbating in the boys’ restroom at the school.

John Nolan Keathley, 53, was indicted by a grand jury after being accused of “intentionally engaging in masturbation or self stimulation” inside an assigned classroom, as well as masturbating inside a boys’ restroom at the school, according to FOX 17.

Keathley was indicted on five counts of sexual misconduct.

The incidents took place between the months of March and May at Greenbrier Middle School in Greenbrier, Tennessee.

The grand jury also indicted the 53-year-old man for engaging in sexual contact and “exposing his penis” where students were present at the school, court documents state.

Robertson County Schools told FOX 17 that Keathley was suspended without pay when school officials became aware of the investigation by law enforcement officials into his actions, but they didn’t add any other comment.

Original Article: https://www.foxnews.com/us/tennessee-middle-school-teacher-indicted-allegedly-exposing-himself-classroom

4 thoughts on “Tennessee Teacher Exposes Himself to Middle Schoolers”
  1. I wonder what kind of mental health issues this teacher is experiencing. He is 53 years old and probably been teaching for a long time and most likely never had an incident like this in his history. I don’t know if he has been doing this for years and has finally been caught or if something went haywire in his head in March. I hope he can be fixed and given his job back if it’s related to a breakdown of sorts. Our schools need teachers. I would like to see a follow up on this case.

  2. The trust in this individual is gone as far as the classroom is concerned. I am not worried about him, but the children who saw this incident will have this in their minds for quite a long time and that is not good. Pornography of any kind scars the mind, especially children but also adults.

  3. Jackie Jackels Give him his job back ??.. Not for one moment !! Schools need teachers but not this guy.. he had his chance and he ruined it !!

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