Surveillance footage has just been released of an attack by a Wendy’s employee on a 67-year-old customer, which left the victim in critical condition. Antoine Kendrick, 35, has been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly sucker-punching a customer after taking the man’s order at a restaurant on Glassford Hill Road in Prescott Valley, Arizona, on July 26.

According to the Prescott Valley Police Department, at approximately 4:41 p.m., Kendrick had a dispute with an elderly man about a food order. Kendrick allegedly came around the service counter and struck the victim in the head without warning.

Upon falling, the unconscious victim incurred additional injuries as his head struck the floor. The victim was tended to by police officers who reported to the scene along with members of the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority prior to being airlifted to a hospital in the Phoenix area.

One customer told CBS 5: “That was a Mike Tyson hit … The customer didn’t touch him, so he had no right to touch the customer, period, end of story.”

Immediately after the attack, Kendrick is said to have looked at the unconscious man, retreated behind the counter to grab some belongings, and left the scene.

Antoine Kendrick was arrested on multiple other occasions in Tennessee. In 2013, he was charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault as well as with resisting arrest. In 2016, he was charged with aggravated criminal trespass, aggravated assault, and evading arrest. In 2019, he was charged with harassment and again with aggravated assault.

CBS 5’s Holly Bock noted that Wendy’s corporate has yet to issue a statement.

Original Article: Wendy’s worker leaves 67-year-old customer in critical condition after sucker punch – TheBlaze

13 thoughts on “Video: Wendy’s Employee Cold Clocks Feeble Man”
  1. The Wendy’s employee definitely has some anger management issues. As such, he needs to be incarcerated and treated for these problems even to mandatory calming drugs so that he can exercise some societal appropriate behavior. I knew someone similar to this person, she was also violent without excuse to the point that she beat an eighteen month old baby to death with a baseball bat. She got out on bail and fled the state. I don’t know if she was ever caught.

  2. I really don’t care what the older man said to that thug, he has no right putting hands on him!!! Send that idiot to prison!

  3. This won’t end up getting any attention because it wasn’t a white man hitting a black man. So it will get swept away quickly.

  4. Antoine is probably a Democrat, therefore will be immediately released with apologies.

  5. Why would hire a person of any ethnicity with a criminal record like his. And, why is he out of jail. Isn’t it strange that blacks kill each other exponentially and then shout “black lives matter”. Yep, he’s an ape!0

  6. Maybe the customer should do like the liberal leftists do and sue Wendy’s even though they didn’t have anything to do with it, it was their employee. That employee should be charged with a hate crime.

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