Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is using some of his campaign funds to help other state Republicans. According to reports, DeSantis moved $2.5 million from his political committee to the Florida Republican Senatorial Committee.

This is the largest single donation to the committee which is currently under the control of incoming Senate President Kathleen Passidomo.

DeSantis’ contribution was larger than the one made by Senate President Wilton Simpson from his political committee back in July. Simpson is currently on the run for agriculture commissioner.

Republicans are trying to achieve a supermajority, while currently they only have a 23-16 majority. This is why they are targeting Democrat incumbents such as Sens. Janet Cruz and Loranne Ausley.

According to Politico, DeSantis is trying to gain support by helping Senate Republicans across the state. This can help him grow more support for his legislative agenda if he gets reelected.

DeSantis’ PAC also shifted $6.5 million to the Republican Party of Florida, As of August 19, DeSantis has raised $172 for his political campaign, and he still has $122.5 of that which remains unspent. This is 11 times more than the $15.3 million Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s political operations raised. Crist still has $4.1 million that remains unspent.

Billionaire investor and Trump megadonor Peter Thiel, also praised DeSantis for being a great governor and offering a great alternative to California.

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