Former Vice President Mike Pence has blasted President Biden over his recent speech about “MAGA Republicans” being a threat to Democracy. During an event Pence told a conservative women’s group that the President’s address was a “partisan campaign rally” that aimed to demonize the party.

During an event held by the Concerned Women for America, a conservative anti-abortion group, Pence was asked if he had seen Biden’s presidential speech from the previous week which had taken place at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

In response Pence said that he did not agree with Biden’s comments about those Republicans who were against abortion rights and who were looking to take the country “backward.” Pence noted that he had pushed for states to pass laws restricting abortions after Roe v. Wade was overturned this past summer.

Pence said that the President might view pro-life Americans as enemies of democracy, but this was the first time in the nation’s history when the President openly accused millions of Americans of extremism because they didn’t agree with leftist ideology. More importantly, though, Pence blasted Biden for his claims that he was urging the nation to come together and become united.

Republican lawmakers and conservatives have been very critical of Biden’s speech which linked former President Trump and Republicans with potential threats to democracy. In his speech, Biden had specifically said that “MAGA Republicans” have attacked law enforcement, which led to a wide range of conspiracy theories that undermine the democracy being shared, including allegations regarding the 2020 election.

Pence during the 2020 elections certified the election results even though Trump urged him not to. This led to a dangerous situation for him as the mobs who attacked the Capitol could be heard saying “Hang Mike Pence”.