Former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) are the two leaders in polls for potential 2024 GOP primary votes. According to a new USA Today-Suffolk University Poll, 48 percent of Florida voters would support DeSantis in the hypothetical primary against Trump. This is 8 percentage points higher than the 40 percent that would support Trump. In a similar poll in January, Trump was leading by 7 percentage points while now he is losing by 8.

Speculations want both Trump and DeSantis to be placing a bid for the White House in 2024. However, neither has made any official announcement confirming an attempt. Trump has throughout the year hinted that he would be seeking a second term at the White House, but there have so far not been any official announcements from his end.

David Paleologos, the director of the Suffolk University Political Research Centre, has said that just because DeSantis is leading Florida Republicans it does not mean that he would necessarily be able to win the support of the other states and GOP voters. However, currently, the polls do show that most voters are shifting away from Trump and towards DeSantis.

According to the same poll, DeSantis also seems to have a far more comfortable lead in a matchup against President Biden in Florida with a 52 to 44 percent. In contrast, Trump would also be leading against President Biden but only by 3 percentage points, 47-44 percent.

The poll also showed that there is a large difference in whom Republicans support depending on their income. Less well-off Republicans seem to be more in favor of Trump, while wealthy Republicans support DeSantis.
For those making an income of $50,000 per year or less, Trump is leading with 53 percent to 36 percent. However, DeSantis leads those with an income above $50,000 with 55 percent to 33 percent.

6 thoughts on “Top Republican Surges Ahead Of Trump For 2024”
  1. I’ve always been a true Republican. Until Trump showed his face. I voted for Biden and would do so again, even though i am Republican. Not because I like him. but don’t want Trump in office again. I think he wants to become a dictator.

  2. Pete, are you happy with Biden’s open border policy, 8.5% inflation and gas prices that have doubled? All because you hate Trump? Really?

  3. Pete,This country has never been worse off.. We are not respected around the world..Biden left 85 billion dollars of state of the art equipment to our enemies in Afghanistan to use against us..Biden is using Trumps reserve oil for war oil, for reducing the high prices of gasoline since he shut the pipelines and leases and now wants to pretend we don’t have high gas which is still doubled because of his dictatorship. Was taking down our energy independence Trump got for us a smart move in your book? Dementia Joe also sold some of our reserve oil, to a CHINA company his son has 1.7 billion interest in ???.Learn what a dictator does, just watch Biden. We have the highest crime in Democratic states with the border crisis, this government is trying to get kids to hate this country, we have a Resident not President who mandated an experimental drug that killed many and this dictator will not let you get the cure of Ivermectin or Hydroxy in the hospital, which we KNOW now TRUMP WAS RIGHT it works , but no they won’t give it but give you a Soros $3,500 shot of Remdesivir so you get renal failure and die as many have..All this happens if you go to the hospital yet Trump passed an act that you can try any drug when you are dying. Dictator Joe forbids???? This is a dictator. Demented Joe says you are forbidden the cure in the hospital???. A dictator who sets up chat rooms for kids to hide from their parent talking about questioning their sexual preference ? A dictator who told the people in one of our states yesterday , I think it was New Jersey is to teach kids about anal sex at middle schools or get NO Government FUNDING?? Is this your mindset??? It goes on and on.. We are headed for world war 3 with Russia because of this Dem dictator and his Dementia brain.. With Trump we had energy independence and Biden ruined everything shutting down pipelines and not renewing leases.Pete do you know all this and still have that mind set??.No I don’t believe ANY ONE with one ounce of sense can sit there and say we want this more ,than the 500 to 1,000 Trumps benefits for the USA that the WHITE HOUSE put out when Trump was subjected to being over throwing of our government in the last election by the Dems cheating.. Its not believable as JB could not get 8 people at his rallies and Trump two years after the election get 50,000 in 48 hrs notice..Watch them and see what united people look like. Watch 2000 MULES DVD for GOVERNMENT FOOTAGE OF Dems STUFFING BALLOT BOXES AT 2 am in all swing states for only Biden…Look at the free movie trailer on line at least..YES I said GOVERNMENT FOOTAGE.. Even lefty Chuck Todd said only 16 percent of the people of all parties believe this country is headed in the right direction..You can see it at the store, highest inflation , highest crime, highest inflitration of terrorist at our boarders from 137 countries, increased drugs, all because of Traitor joe and Dumbell Harris. These are traitor dictators..People who say well we just don’t want Trump are either naive and believe the dying Demcratic Party Propoganda that they have never right about anything they blame Trump for so far but count on you not to look anything up… or your a bot..because people are not that uneducated to wish for all we have now with Biden and wish not to have all!!!!! we had with Trump. I never met one person so far that said they don’t want Trump that has been able to tell me how they had less under Trump but we ALL know we have a destroyed country with Traitor Demented Joe. You must like losing as the Democrats have lost at everything so far they tried to lie and blame Trump and they end up more guilty themselves.. not to mention 2 million Democrats who have left the party since 2016 because they got educated to the truth. Look at the walkawaymovement that YouTube hid and took off their site of Dems leaving that party of losers…The Dems are no longer the largest party. The Republicans are and that is a fact. look it up.Without Trump we don’t have a country, ever again, as no one made all the great changes he made and you should learn facts not be one of the few still sitting in front of TV who told you Hillary had a 90 percent chance of winning for 2 years and YOU are still buying, what they tell you your opinion is? We found out in the Durham report they lied about Russia Russia against Trump yet , we now Know Hillary bought the Dosier and spied on Trumps campaign and tried to bring Trump down to cover up the 30,000 emails she erased off her computer with acid Guilty?..No, impeachment 1 and 2 did not happen either. Dems always more guilty of what the blame Trump for..You also cosign to kill 1 million babies in abortions??? No GOD would never go for that. Gods only choice is the most pro-life President in History Trump..Do you really want all the poor values of the Dems to be attached to you ? When you voice your opinion there are far more that see you don’t know what is really going on …Half of all Fake news is losing millions because people are not buying their lies anymore. and ratings falling through the floor.Doc Lemon was just demoted to the morning hour..You should be more concerned with who has done the most for your country and not buy into looking the other way as they build a communistic country and you lose all your freedom..Make a list of all the Good Trump did and all the bad Biden did and logic will win if your smart.

  4. US/Today – Really – you really wanted to believe that libtard rag – gimme a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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