Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is spiraling towards another clash with Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) over the year-end spending deal.

Scott, the chairman of the Senate GOP campaign organization, is currently pushing for a long-term continuing resolution that would fund the general government to 2023. In this effort, he is teaming up with Sen. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

In the op-ed published by FOX news, the two wrote that it was time for Republicans to demand from Congress a continuing resolution [CR] which would help maintain the current federal spending. As they wrote this would be until “a new Congress begins.”

The three men are hoping that Republicans would control both the House and possibly the Senate next year. This would also give them more influence over the spending package funding the government.
McConnell, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, did not yet give his opinion even though on Wednesday GOP Senators had a private meeting to discuss this.

Several Republican senators have previously said that McConnell is hoping to pass a year-end omnibus spending bill before the 117th Congress ends. Still, McConnell himself has not discussed these plans.
One Republican senator also noted that Scott should “mind his business” instead of challenging and second-guessing McConnell.

In the op-ed, they also said that no Republican should support the Democrat’s plans to fund 87,000 new IRS agents.

Regarding this whole incident, one Senate Republican aide said that “Scott, Cruz, and Lee are show horses” and that they are not known to pass bills.

4 thoughts on “Top Republicans In Ugly Feud”
  1. If you want my opinion, I will gladly give it but I do not want to be inundated with unsolicited emails and spam from any groups.

  2. ALERT ALERT. I have just received a letter from the IRS. I am retired, on social security and a 100% Vietnam Veteran. I have no other sources of income. I file a simple return and always pay about $300-$400 extra every year depending on the minor changes they have made and the COLA I receive each year. Thats it. Is this a sign of the times???

  3. Clean out the RINOs in the Republican party! Professional politicians like “Cocaine Mitch” McConnell, and double speaking “California McCarthy”, who always act only to their own benefit and we should get younger TERM LIMITED Congress people {2 terms of 3 years} and get rid of the 13th Amendment, and go back to appointed Senators,also Term Limited to 2 terms{6 years per term} and out. No more life time political parasites like we are infested with now. Save the U.S.A.!

  4. 13th Amendment was born the same year as fed reserve ( not Fed nor anything in Reserve), Direct Taxation, Senatorial election, dishonest fractional reserve banking, debt money , thus inflation: 1913 !
    Congress abdicated it’s constitutional obligation to control our money and turned it over to the private banking system. Lot of people bitched since but to no avail. So nothing done. Trump is on to them as well and this is why “They” fear and hate him so.
    So, keep on trucking President Trump ,a lot of us “Bitches” (75 million who voted you in) are with you and will go down in flames if need be!

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