According to a Washington Post report, Trump has told political donors to stop supporting Ron DeSantis. During his discussion with the donors, Trump told them that DeSantis could be one of his rivals in the 2024 presidential race.

In 2018, Trump endorsed DeSantis for his gubernatorial bid. This is believed by many to have been a key part of the rise of the governor in political influence. He was also instrumental in shaping DeSantis’ political rise in Florida since at the time of his election DeSantis was going up against a far more established rival, then-Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam.

The MAGA movement has also been greatly supporting DeSantis who was unbeatable in the GOP primary.

The former President has also been using Florida for his political operations since leaving the White House. The two appear to now see each other as political opponents as many believe that both will be trying for the presidential nomination.

DeSantis is currently in the middle of a very successful reelection campaign as he is preparing to face Democratic gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist. He has also been using the funds he has generated to support many other GOP candidates who are facing challenging midterm elections.

Trump has undoubtedly also noticed that DeSantis appears to now be able to draw political appeal on his own. Many of Trump’s donors and supporters have also contributed to DeSantis’ funds which is why Trump is now telling his supporters to stop funding DeSantis.

Despite their potential political rivalry, the two are still running in the same social circles and the two were recently seen at a wedding at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort.