Former President Donald Trump blasted Fox News on Sunday saying that they are ‘pushing the Democratic agenda making things harder for Republicans.

His comments were originally posted on his Truth Social platform. In his post, he also noted that democrats were being given easy questions in interviews while Republicans were being challenged. In the statement, it was not disclosed which Democrats Trump was specifically referring to.

However, he did refer to Karl Rove, a former GOP White House official, who is currently a Fox news contributor, saying that he is a RINO, that is Republican in name only, and that he is negative and “unwatchable.” Rove had been a senior advisor and deputy chief of staff under the Bidh administration in the early 2000s. Furthermore, he criticized the ads being placed calling them “perverts” and saying that it was hard to be a Republican in these conditions.

He has recently made several appearances on Fox News where he has discussed the recent FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. Reportedly, last week he also said that according to the Presidential Records Act Trump did not have the right to take any of the documents he did.

Trump in his comments also noted that if CNN turned more conservative he would be willing to support them.

Recently there have been several exits in CNN. Notably, John Harwood left the network after siding with President Joe Biden and saying that his remarks about MAGA Republicans being a threat to democracy were true. Brian Stelter also left CNN last month. Stelter had a history of criticizing Fox News and other right-wing media outlets.