White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday has said that the Republican governors who are transporting migrants to Democrat-run cities are essentially smugglers. This is the latest criticism in what has been a long debate regarding the migration crises and the issue on the southern border.

Jean-Pierre blasted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) after both of them continued their operations of transporting migrants either by plane or by buses to Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, and Chicago. She also accused the governors of making false promises to these immigrants regarding asylum and leaving them hoping they would receive both shelter and benefits. Instead, she noted that they were being used like political paws and “treated … like cattle”.

She also said that this is a stunt as DeSantis’ state does not have any borders with Mexico, so for him to fly migrants to Massachusetts without informing the local authorities just left the migrants vulnerable and misled about what they would receive once they reached Massachusetts.

She also argued that the promise of shelter, refuge, benefits, and food are often what smugglers in Mexico and Guatemala use to lure these people in.

DeSantis recently sent two planes of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on Wednesday. Abbott similarly has sent multiple buses to Washington, New York, and Chicago. Most recently he also sent two buses to Vice President Harris’s residence in Washington.

Republicans have repeatedly argued that the Biden administration has failed to handle the migration crisis and the issues at the U.S.-Mexico border. The White House on the other hand has been arguing that they are trying to fix the broken system left to them by former President Trump.

6 thoughts on “White Houses Accuses Republicans Of Crime”
  1. Well, IF they are committing crimes, then what the hell do you call the disaster at the border? Babbling Brainless Brandon & Horizontal Harris are the criminals! Brandon in bed with China, and Harris giving out free BJ’s to anybody!
    They are spending WAY too much time chasing Trump and need to address the issues facing the USA!

  2. The whole past two years of open borders has been a crime! The many people crossing, with people leading them who are only interested in their money, that have died is a crime! The many children sent up here by themselves who have died is a crime! And the flood of people on to private land in the border states is a crime! The whole White House bunch has been a crime!

  3. The crime is not protecting America and for that Biden should be impeached and removed by the Senate.

  4. Manipulating migrants has been going on since California Gov. Gray Davis bussed illegal aliens in from Mexico, then dispersed them first in California, then paid people $50,000 each to move to places like Colorado, in order to turn them “blue”. Joe Biden and Obama have flown illegal aliens in from Central America, then distributed them all over America to “red” states to weaken their status. If any Republicans are charged with crimes, Joe Biden, Obama, and a host of California Governors should be up for trial and prison, as well. They are the originators of this type of scheme. Mayor Richard M. Daley brought .5 million illegal aliens to Chicago alone, to gain permanent control over the City. It worked for him, the most corrupt Mayor in the U.S.A..

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