Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) had his appeal denied by a federal appeals court on Thursday. Originally, Graham had asked to be shielded from having to testify in the investigations regarding the 2020 presidential election and former President Trump’s efforts to interfere with the results in Georgia.

A three-judge panel unanimously decided that the Senator is not protected and blocked from having to give testimony before a Fulton County, Ga., special jury. The decision came from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.

This is considered by many to be a partial victory for District Attorney Fani Willis (D), who has been trying to get Graham to testify regarding the calls he made to Georgia’s top election officials in 2020.

Graham had previously tried to stop Willis’s subpoena, having said that the Constitution’s Speech and Debate Clause would bar him from being able to testify regarding the calls. However, the appeals court has determined that Graham has not sufficiently demonstrated how having to testify would violate his rights.

The South Carolina Republicans appeal also determined that questions regarding Graham’s calls to his state election officials would not be allowed as they relate to fact-finding for certifying the 2020 election. Questions on other topics will still be allowed during the testimony.

The appeals also noted that Graham would be allowed to “assert his Speech and Debate Clause privilege” for questions that might relate to fact finding for the certification.

Graham does have the option to appeal this decision further. The current ruling would allow Willis to probe and ask about the Senators communications with the Trump campaign, previous statements regardless of the election he has made, and any efforts he made to “cajole” Georgia election officials.