A U.S. mail truck caught on fire on Monday. According to the Georgia Secretary of State, this could lead to many Georgia absentee ballots being destroyed. They also noted that they had already contacted election officials in the area regarding the incident.

Interim Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling said that the USPS truck border completely. He also added that there are 43 outstanding ballots within the county. They are now working to see if it is possible that these ballots were in the truck. If they determine that they were in the truck then the ballots will be reissued.

He also added that this is the type of emergency that election officials will occasionally have to handle during an election cycle.

Many have questioned whether the fire could have been caused by foul play, however the sheriff’s office has said that it appears that the vehicle suffered from mechanical issues. The mail delivery driver was not harmed by the incident and only the truck was lost.

In Georgia, more than one million votes have already been cast. This was also reported on by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who posted on Twitter.

According to reports, there have also been 100,000 absentee ballots received on Tuesday and around 124,000 people showed up for early voting.