In Philadelphia, officials are preparing for the arrival of 52 migrants from Del Rio, Texas. The bus is expected to arrive sometime this week.

This would be the first bus to be taken from Texas to Philadelphia. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has so far sent buses to New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

A spokesperson for Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has said that the situation is not yet completely clear as there are no exact timings regarding the bus’s arrival.

They also added that a community partner organization was the one to provide them with information as Texas officials have not provided any regarding the bus or its arrival in Philadelphia. The spokesperson added that they do not yet know the exact location that the migrants will be taken to, and they don’t know who would be on board. More importantly. There is currently no information regarding whether other buses would arrive in the state.

Philadelphia officials have been preparing for potential migrant buses arriving since the summer. This was after some nearby cities and states began having buses arrive.

Abbott has said that his bussing operations are an attempt to bring attention to how border states have to disproportionately deal with the immigrant crisis. In the 2022 fiscal year so far, there have been 2.3 million migrant encounters.

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