According to a new poll by the centrist think tank Third Way, most voters find Democrats to be as extreme as Republicans. They also claim that they are not in touch with American values. Third Way’s memo which was published with the results of the poll says that if the Democrats get to retain their majority it will be because of the “party brand.

It also notes that Democrats will most likely not be able to retain their majority if they cannot fix their brand. This is at a time when Republican candidates have also become more extreme and some fundamental rights for women have been placed on the ballot.

According to the poll, around 59 percent of voters have said that both the Republicans and Democrats have become more extreme in the past few years. According to 55 percent of voters, the Democrats were “too extreme”. This percentage is not much different from the Republicans, whom 54 percent of voters view as too extreme.

People answering the survey were asked to place their own ideological leanings on a 10 point-scale as part of answering the questions. The average score was around 5.6 with a right-leaning scale.

Most voters also placed Democrats around 2.6 points away from most voters, while Republicans were placed 1.7 points away.

The Third Way poll showed that 46 percent of swing voters had thought that neither of the two major parties had put forth moderate candidates for Congress in this year’s midterms.

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