Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker criticized former President Obama over his comments that being a good football player did not make him a good candidate for being a lawmaker.

Walker, a former NFL running back, told “Fox & Friends” Brian Kilmeade that while he had never met Obama, if he had come to meet him it would have been because of his celebrity status. He also added that all Obama did was “hang out with celebrities.”

Walker noted that Obama did not mention the other things on his CV, which include creating a large minority-owned food service company. The business Walker started is currently on a publicly traded board, and that is just one of the things that he has done outside of having a football career.

Walker added that they should compare Obama’s resume to his and that he believed he had done very well for himself.

Obama during a rally in Georgia, spoke openly against Walker, as he was supporting Sen. Raphael Warnock (D). Obama noted that Walker’s career as a football player does not necessarily mean he would be successful in Congress. Obama encouraged people to consider whether Walker would be a good representative in Congress in terms of the economic and social policies he would follow.

As part of the interview, Walker was also asked about the many controversies that surround him. One of which includes questioning his anti-abortion stance, as previous partners of his have openly talked about how Walker encouraged and paid for their abortions.

5 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Challenges Former President”
  1. Somebody should point out that being a professional politician does not make Obama or Biden a good leader, either.

  2. Obama and Biden have touted their years of being professional politicians, but they have never had any other jobs, or had to make payroll from funds from the running of a private company. They have always been on the taxpayer books. Our border has been invaded, our global opinions have been destroyed, crime is at a all time high, our gas’s prices are unaffordable, cashless bail, education of our children is horrible, economy is dismal, inflation/recession is horrific, stock market is plunging, businesses are destroyed, and yet none of this is the Democrats fault. They take credit and celebrate when gas prices go down and blame everyone else when they go up. They want us to suck it up and eat cat food while they eat at luxurious restaurants and eat caviar. Vote them out of Power!!

  3. Professional politicians should never be elected.They go to college learn how to use loopholes to better themselves. They spend millions of dollars to get payed six figures . That should be everyone’s first clue they don’t belong leading the people. Vote out the professional politicians. Vote in real down to earth people.

  4. I won’t say that Walker is dumber than a pile of bricks because I don’t want to insult the bricks.

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