Following his reelection, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has been campaigning alongside Senate hopeful Herschel Walker. This is after Kemp has spent the past few months not appearing or campaigning alongside Walker.

The joint appearance marks an important moment as Kemp is looking to create a coalition that could potentially allow Walker to unseat Sen. Raphael Warnock in a Dec. 6 runoff. This also marks the challenges that Walker is facing as a celebrity athlete turned politician, as he is trying to gain the support of independents and moderate republicans at a time when many have been focusing on his past.

Kemp told supporters outside of a gun store in the Atlanta suburbs that this was not the moment to rest and that they would need to cast one more vote in order to help the Republican party, which has had an underwhelming midterm election.

Kemp was the most successful candidate in Georgia, drawing in over 200,000 votes in his race against Democrat challenger Stacey Abrams. These were more votes than Walker managed to get in his race against Warnock. Kemp managed to secure his victory with a 7.5 percentage point lead, while Walker lost to Warnock by 36,000 votes, which is close to 1 percentage point. Still, Warnock did not manage to secure the 50 percent votes threshold which is why there will be a runoff election.

The governor focused predominantly on his own reelection this past fall, with a few appearances made alongside GOP nominees for lower statewide offices. All of those elections were completed without the need for runoffs. However, Kemp appeared to have avoided Walker throughout his campaigning, often even refusing to say his name. However, since winning his own elections, Kemp has become a lot more vocal in his support of Walker. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell also endorsed Walker anew in a recent interview.

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