Representative Lauren Boebert has refused to endorse former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid after gaining a narrow victory in her midterm election this month.

Boebert, a Colorado Republican who was considered one of Trump’s closest Congressional allies, is now backtracking and not as quick to defend Trump. This is after she managed to defeat her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch by less than one point. This is despite the fact that she had been previously predicted to have a wide lead.

The midterm elections saw many candidates, much like Boebert performing underwhelmingly in the elections. The GOP managed to retake the House by a narrow majority, while they failed to win the Senate.

Following the midterm election results, many have become overly critical of Trump and some Republicans have even refused to endorse Trump following his announcement that he was launching his 2024 presidential campaign.

In response to a question about endorsing Trump, Boebert said that she continued to be a “huge supporter” but she did not say whether she would back him in his bid to win the White House.
She also noted that she “loves” Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis who is widely seen as the biggest threat to Trump’s attempt to win the Republican nomination. She continued to say that 2024 was still in the distant future.

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