Wisconsin state Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R) on Friday filed a lawsuit that would temporarily stop any of the military ballots in the state from being counted. This was after an election official sent her absentee ballots with fake names.

Brandtjen’s lawsuit noted that this temporary request included not having any military elector absentee ballots cast by non-qualified personnel to not be counted. The lawsuit also had the support of two other individuals and the Concerned Veterans of Waukesha Country.

As the case notes, the plaintiff is looking to ensure that in case of a close election result, the election results won’t be affected or determined by the “non-qualified people voting military elector absentee ballots.”

Milwaukee’s mayor on Thursday disclosed that Milwaukee Election Commission (MEC) Deputy Director Kimberly Zapata had mailed military ballots to Brandtjen, chair of the state House’s elections committee.
The motive behind this move has not been yet made clear. Brandtjen has previously supported claims regarding the 2020 election being stolen. Zapata has been fired and will be facing charges over these actions.

The lawsuit also uses the incident as further evidence for the reasons that military ballots in Wisconsin should be “sequestered” before the election. It also argues that they should not be counted until their authenticity, according to state law, can be guaranteed.