The firm in charge of the construction of former US president Barack Obama’s presidential library has suspended its operations following the discovery of a noose on the site. The police have been called to investigate.

A $100,000 reward has also been an effort by the company to anyone who can help find those responsible.

Lakeside Alliance, a partnership of Black-owned construction firms, has said that the incident is now in the hands of the police and they would be assisting in any way possible in order to “identify those responsible”.

They also added that their company has a zero-tolerance policy for bias and hate and that anti-bias training is something they make sure to include throughout their onboarding process. They also added that they would suspend all operations and that their staff and workers would need to follow extra training regarding this.

Obama’s charitable foundation also released a statement regarding the construction of the library, which is part of the Obama Presidential Center.

The construction firm in their own statement continued to say that the health and safety of their employees was the most important thing to them.

The Chicago police department is, according to Sgt Rocco Alioto, investigating the matter of the noose.