Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy might have won his party’s nomination to be the next Speaker of the House, but that does not guarantee that he will be able to win enough votes in order to win the position.

Several conservatives have already announced that they would not be supporting McCarthy to be the next Speaker. The elections for the position will take place in January when the 118th Congress will begin its first session. Currently, there are only six houses still uncalled for. This narrow Republican majority in the House will leave McCarthy vulnerable if he does not win every vote from the Republican conference.

The GOP currently has control of 218 seats, which is the minimum number of seats required for a majority to be claimed. By the end of the election, the GOP could hold as many as 224 seats or as few as 220. This means that McCarthy losing any more than two to six votes from his own party could mean not winning the Speaker position.

Even in the nomination vote this past week, McCarthy was 30 votes away from the 218 requirements for him to become the speaker. More importantly, three Republican members have already publicly announced that they would not be supporting McCarthy in his bid for the position. These include Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and Matt Rosendale, R-Mont.

Biggs was McCarthy’s challenger for the speaker nomination this past week.

4 thoughts on “Republicans Turn On Kevin McCarthy”
  1. Democrats have close ranks and vote as a block, united, putting aside their differences, voting together, helping each other..
    Republicans fight against each other for control, for power, one does not like Mc Carthy to be speaker of the house because he wants the title and power for himself, they will vote what they want or wish not caring about the citizen that put him there, only their desired for power, they do not know how to put aside their differences and compromised, they want it all for themselves.
    Democrats have destroyed this country and will keep on doing it if we don’t solve our bickering; we must put aside our desired for power if we’re to fix the mess that we’re in, if not…God help the USA.

  2. Democrats are like the Borg on Star Trek. They are a collective, that is100% in agreement. The Republicans have never been united. This is their biggest problem.

  3. Uncle Fester has a point, a MAJOR point. And as a nation we are not united. We must UNITE if we want to accomplish anything; ie., stop tyrrany throw out those who are unworthy of even being in our acountry, stop the servants from committing crimes, hold our public officials accountable to their Oath of Office and any other worthwhile endeavor. Remmeber the saying United we stand, divide we fall is the mantra we must use. Notice is given and demand made: Come together those of us who are real Americans and unite.

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