Ann Coulter, the noted conservative pundit, and longtime Donald Trump loyalist on Friday criticized the former president after the midterm election results.

Many had been predicting a “red wave” during the midterm elections which did not materialize. Instead, the elections have been historically positive for the Democrats. One of the key problems that these elections brought forth was the quality of Trump-endorsed candidates, who failed to secure their elections. Dr. Mehmet Oz lost his competitive race against Democrat John Fetterman for the Pennsylvania Senate seat. Every secretary of state candidate who had been endorsed by Trump also failed to secure a win. In many gubernatorial races, Trump-backed clients have also failed to secure wins. In Arizona, Trump-backed candidate Kari Lake is behind Democratic challenger Katie Hobbs as ballots are still being counted.

With these results in mind, many have started to view Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the most prevalent face in the party. This is especially true following his high success rates in Florida.

In a tweet on Friday, Coulter said that Trump should “shut up”. She also added that Trump had not managed to succeed even though during his time as President he had a GOP Congress for two years, and yet he had given key positions to unqualified loyalists.

Coulter added in her tweets that Trump had the chance while being President with a Republican House and Senate, but instead of taking action he had chosen to give key positions looking at domestic policy to his “son-in-law and Gary Cohn”. She then added that Trump should “Shut the f*** up, forever.”