Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito has been blasted after he allegedly leaked a draft opinion related to the Supreme Court case in 2014. Political commentator Keith Obermann called Alito a “disgrace” following the report that Alito leaked the draft regarding the Dobbs case.

Olbermann also noted on Twitter that Alito’s actions were “as dangerous as any terrorist” and added that he should be forced to leave the Court.

At the same time, New York Representative Mondaire Jones also took to Twitter to write that a well-sourced NY times article alleges that Alito was responsible for leaking the 2014 opinion in Hobby Lobby. In the tweet, he also urged the House Judiciary Committee to look into the matter while they still can.
Both of these tweets relate to a Saturday report by the New York Times, which shows that Alito may have been the one to leak the majority opinion in the 2014 case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.

Alito has denied leaking the opinion ahead of time and a Supreme Court spokesperson also called these allegations “completely false.”

The Times cited claims made by Reverend Rob Schenck, who alleged that he knew the outcome of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby in advance. He added that he had letters sent to the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., which date as far back as June in which he spoke about knowing the outcome weeks in advance. The Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case allows employers to withhold contraceptive care from employees based on their own religious beliefs. Hobby Lobby, which won the case, is owned by evangelical Christians.