With the midterm elections having passed many Americans have now turned their attention to the 2024 presidential election. Former President Donald Trump has already launched his presidential campaign for 2024, despite the underwhelming results of the Republican party in the midterm elections.

This has led to many voters waiting for President Biden to announce his own reelection bid. Should Biden decide to seek a second term in office, then the two men are likely to be up for a rematch as they will both be seeking a second term.

Biden has said that he would formally announce whether or not he was running for the presidential election in early 2023. He has also previously dismissed any requests by voters to disclose whether or not he would be running again.

During the White House Tribal Nations Summit on Wednesday, following the end of the President’s remarks which started off the discussion between Tribal communities and political leaders, a crowd member started chanting “Four more years!”

Biden was quick to dismiss them though by saying “I don’t know about that,” and waving his hand.
The exchange was tweeted by The Recount and has since Wednesday amassed over 3,500 views.
Biden, 80, is currently the oldest U.S. president in History, and if he was to seek reelection he would be 86 by the time his office was finished. Many across the nation have noted their concerns regarding Biden’s age. Many have also been questioning whether Biden’s cognitive abilities may also have been impaired due to his age.

Biden has previously maintained that he intends to seek another term in office but has not yet officially announced his plans for 2024.