During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee nominations hearing, Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Ted Cruz got into an altercation after Shaheen refused to answer Cruz’s questions about President Biden’s role in the dismissal of a top Ukrainian prosecutor in 2016. the 2016 firing of a top Ukrainian prosecutor.

New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz had a heated debate on Tuesday after Shaheed shut down Cruz’s question regarding the allegations that then-Vice President Joe Biden had pushed Ukrainian officials to fire a top prosecutor in 2016.

Cruz then went on to say that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairwoman was “covering” for Biden, as Shaheen had also blocked nominee George Kent from responding to his questions during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. Kent, Biden’s choice for ambassador to Estonia, has previously had to testify during former President Trump’s first impeachment inquiry. It was there that he raced questions about Hunter Biden’s services as a member of the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company.

The gas company, Burisma Holdings, faced an investigation in 2016 from Viktor Shokin, a top prosecutor in Ukraine. Shokin then faced his own allegations of corruption. In 2018, Biden admitted that during his time as vice president he had pressed for Shokin to be fired, and he had even threatened for a $1 billion loan guarantee to be canceled if Shokin was not fired.

Cruz had asked Kent about his opinion about Biden’s move of forcing the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor by holding the billion-dollar deal hostage.

However, the nominee was not allowed to answer, as Shaheen stopped him from responding to the question.