Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has sent a message to Republicans saying that whether they like it or not President Biden is winning and that it was time for them to stop underestimating him.

The former House speaker posted a blog post on his thoughts about the 2022 midterm elections on his website over the past week. In the post, he noted that the GOP’s performance was disappointing as the Republicans failed to win the Senate and only managed to win the House with a small majority of 222 seats. Gingrich also acknowledged that Biden has managed to have one of the best midterm elections for a president’s first term in office in history. He added that these victories by the Democrats should provide clarity on which parts of the Republican program are successful and which ones are not.

He added that much like most Americans he was not approving of Joe Biden’s so far performance. He also added that as a conservative he also disagreed with all of Biden’s policies. He also added that most Americans are against woke policies that are actually destroying American culture.

However, the elections also made it clear that the hostility faced by the Biden administration has managed to make them more effective as they have built up their agenda and pushed for the “left-wing Big Government Socialist woke culture system.”