Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) on Saturday openly rejected “the premise” of former President Trump being the leader of the Republican party, especially after the recent move away from Trump’s influence by the GOP.
Cassidy told CNN’s Pamela Brown that he entirely rejects that notion and that despite what the polls are currently saying regarding Trump potentially being successful in his presidential bid, it is also likely that there will be a new leader emerging who will beat Trump.

Cassidy noted that currently there is no Republican president in office and that there isn’t anyone who he would say is clearly not the leader.

Trump has been criticized a lot in recent weeks, especially as many of his GOP candidates failed to secure wins in the midterm elections. The Republican party did not manage to gain control of the Senate and they only managed to gain a narrow majority in the House. Despite criticism of this being the third failed election, Trump proceeded with his announcement of his presidential candidacies.
Only a few days after the announcement he met with controversial and antisemitic rapper Ye, along with White supremacist Nick Fuentes for dinner in his Mar-a-Lago estate.

More recently he was only again criticized for calling for the termination of the Constitution so that he could once again win control of the White House.