Lara Trump, Eric Trump’s wife, is no longer a paid contributor for Fox News. This is the result of her father-in-law, Donald Trump launching his 2024 presidential election. This was originally reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Fox News reportedly told the Times that while Lara Trump had originally joined as a Fox News contributor last year, she would no longer be working with the network.

In a statement given by a Fox News representative on the Insider, they noted that Lara’s contributions were valuable in the Fox News Media programming.

Her departure is the result of the company having rules that block any people associated with the campaign of someone running from office from being employed by the network. Due to Lara Trump’s direct connection to Donald Trump’s campaign, she would no longer be allowed to continue working for Fox News.

According to the Times, Lara’s last appearance was prior to Nov. 15th, which is the date when the former President launched his third bid for the White House. While Lara can no longer be a paid contributor, she is still in theory allowed to appear as an unpaid guest.

This is not the first time such a decision has taken place. Sarah Huckabee Sanders lost her paid-contributor deal after she announced her campaign to become the governor of Arkansas.