Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday unveiled his plan for stopping the “Biden border crisis” which included a complete ban on the release of illegal immigrants into the U.S. with the use of American taxpayer dollars. As part of the plan, there would be heavy criminal penalties for those who did not comply.

In a video released by the Trump campaign, Trump said that in the past two years there have been more illegal immigrants released into the United States than ever before in American history. He added that “We’ve never seen anything like it. Our country is under invasion.”

He continued to say that the reason the border was open had nothing to do with insufficient resources or legal authorities but instead it was because President Joe Biden had destroyed the system and law and had allowed illegal immigrants to enter the country using taxpayer dollars. He added that Biden had “inherited a flawless deportation system that was working like never before.” This was why it was important to have a reform that would allow “criminal penalties for administrative, noncompliance” and would stop the release of immigrants.

Trump further added that Congress should make all Trump Border Security Policies permanent in federal law.

Since March 2020, migrants have been denied the right to seek asylum under U.S. and international law 2.5 million times on the grounds of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus under a public health measure that was set to expire on Wednesday. However, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts ordered a temporary hold before Title 42 expired.