On Monday, over a quarter of a million voters cast their ballot in Georgia’s runoff election. This marks a record number of in-person early voting for the state. Currently, Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock is facing Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling tweeted on Monday that 300,438 Georgians had gone out to vote within a single day. This broke the previous record of 233k votes in one day. Sterling said that while they don’t yet have the final numbers, the current estimates show that the voting numbers in this runoff election far exceed those on the last day of early voting in 2018 when 233,252 people cast their ballot. That was also the previous record for the largest number of early voters within one day.

In the midterm elections, Warnock led by around 37,000 votes. In the election, there were around 4 million votes cast. However, as Warnock failed to reach the 50 percent threshold set by Georgia law, the state had to go into runoff elections.

Early voting is going to continue until Friday, with Election day being on Tuesday of next week.
Following Warnock’s victorious lawsuit he urged his supporters to take the chance to vote even before Dec. 6. Specifically, Warnock used his position as pastor to push for Black communities in metro Atlanta to go out to vote.