White House adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” questioned the extent to which President Joe Biden traveling to the border would be the “the best use of resources.” As she said every time the president travels everything else needs to come “to a halt”. This is something that the president needs to consider before making the decision to make a visit.

The remarks came at a time when the President is facing a lot of criticism from Republicans over his reluctance to visit the border. This is at a time of great tension as the Title 42 policy is set to expire on Wednesday. The expiration of Title 42 on Wednesday has caused a lot of concern over the border situation as El Paso, Texas, has a large number of asylum seekers who have overwhelmed the shelter system.

Bottoms also said that Biden is currently working to solve the migration crises while in the White House as it is “more disruptive for the president of the United States to travel” than it would be for normal Americans. She continued to say that immigration was one of the key issues that he ran on and it is one that he will continue to work on getting immigration reform completed.