(PartiallyPolitics.com) The Department of Justice has been focusing its efforts on defending President Biden’s plan for billions of dollars of federal student loan debt. On Wednesday night the Justice Department submitted a court filing in which they justified the legality of the student loan forgiveness program.

The Supreme Court is currently going to be hearing two separate cases that challenge the program’s legality. Both cases are set to be heard in February. The Justice Department maintains that Biden’s plan “fall(s) comfortably within the plain text of the [HEROES Act],” which is why they are trying to have the challenges completely dismissed on the grounds that they lack legal standing.

The DOJ is specifically asking the Supreme Court to completely block the previous rulings that came from Texas and Missouri that noted the program as being unconstitutional.

Last year, a federal judge in Texas struck down the student loan forgiveness handout in a case brought forth by the Job Creators Network Foundation. In the suit, the plaintiffs argued that they have been denied due process under the Administrative Procedure Act to object to the program within a designated period.

In the second case, Missouri led Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Carolina in filing a lawsuit that would challenge the program on the grounds that the Department of Education did not have the required authority to cancel debt so widely.

In Wednesday’s filing, the DOJ said that the “lower courts’ orders have erroneously deprived the Secretary of his statutory authority to provide targeted student-loan debt relief to borrowers affected by national emergencies, leaving millions of economically vulnerable borrowers in limbo.”

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