(PartiallyPolitics.com) Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reported that House Republicans were starting to probe into Biden family business, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, China, and other hot-button issues.

Almost two years since the New York Post first reported on a story regarding the Biden family’s business dealing, the questions surrounding the President and whether he has been compromised have only grown.

These are not the only speculations and allegations that President Biden has to deal with right now. Following the discovery of three separate batches of classified documents in his former private office and his Delaware home, there are many investigations surrounding the President and his family.

According to a CNN report published on Tuesday, in regard to Biden’s business dealings, the investigation will predominantly focus on potential conflicts of interest that might have led to Biden using his influence during the Obama administration to assist his son Hunter Biden and his brothers James and Frank Biden.

In 2021 for example, it was reported that Frank Biden had guaranteed to a group of medical professionals that they would receive the federal funding required. His other brother, James Biden has faced numerous lawsuits, all of which relate to fraud cases where James had promoted his relation to his brother.

President Biden had previously mentioned during an interview that he never talked with his son about any of his business dealings. However, the CNN report also pointed out how inaccurate that statement was as Biden, who was then-vice president, had previously met with Hunter and his business associate, Miguel Alemán Magnani.

The timing of the CNN story has been questioned by many, who are wondering why it took two years for this story to be properly reported on.

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