(PartiallyPolitics.com) Chicago’s competitive mayor race may have just become even more tumultuous now that incumbent Lori Lightfoot’s campaign sent an email to Chicago public school teachers urging them to recruit their students as volunteers in Lightfoot’s campaign in exchange for school credit. The election is set to take place in February, but Lightfoot has fallen behind in the polls.

The matter is now under the investigation of the Chicago Public Schools inspector general, however many of her critics are requesting an even more thorough investigation into the matter. As they disclosed during an NBC News interview, there is currently an open investigation into the matter and they are working to gather all of the necessary data to determine whether the move made by Lightfoot violated any policies.

The email was reportedly sent by the deputy campaign manager, over government email, and was asking for students to be recruited as part of an “externship program.” In return for their efforts, they would earn class credit.

In the email, which was first released and reported on by the Chicago PBS station, WTTW News, Lightfoot’s aide had said that they wanted to find those “enthusiastic, curious and hard-working young people” who would be interested in helping with the mayor’s campaign.

Lightfoot is facing eight opponents in the race, including Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia of Chicago and Paul Vallas, a former superintendent of Chicago schools. Vallas was the first to call for this case to be investigated further.

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