(PartiallyPolitics.com) Texas Governor Greg Abbott has received a lot of criticism following a comment he made about the Dallas Cowboys kicker, after they lost their NFL playoff game on Sunday night.

Cowboys kicker Brett Maher missed four consecutive extra-point attempts during last Monday’s game. In response, the team had to sign an extra kicker to join them. Maher also lost an extra point attempt on Sunday night, which led to the team losing during the NFC Divisional Round.

Following the loss, Abbott took to Twitter to write that he could “kick as good” as Maher. Abbott has been wheelchair-bound since 1984 after he was involved in an accident. The paralysis was caused by an oak tree that cracked and fell on him while he was running. This has not stopped him from being a big admirer of sports.

Still, his latest comments on Sunday nights were not appreciated by most people online.
One Twitter user responded to Abbott by saying that he shouldn’t be talking since he too had “missed several kicks for this state since you’ve been in power.” He then added that most people in Texas would trust Maher more than they trust Abbott. Similar comments came in from a number of Twitter users.

Another criticized Abbott for not being a good supporter and fun and added that making those who follow you “hate your guts” was not a good idea.

Finally, some brought in the state’s electrical grid ERCOT failure during intense weather conditions and asked how well the Dallas’ kicker would have been able to keep the electric grid running.

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