(PartiallyPolitics.com) In her latest speech on the House floor, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert appeared to have taken a jab at former President Donald Trump which shocked many lawmakers. While delivering the speech in which she nominated Representative Byron Donalds as House speaker, Boebert said that even though her “favorite president” had called for Republicans opposing Kevin McCarthy to stop their opposition and vote for him to become the Speaker, Boebert believes that they need to do the opposite.

In fact, she called for Trump to tell Representative Kevin McCarthy that since it is clear he does not have the votes it is time for him to withdraw. Many in the party were shocked by Boebert’s statement which was met with yells within the House.

Boebert’s comments come during an ongoing battle over who will become the House Speaker. On Tuesday, 20 House Republicans had voted in favor of Representative Jim Jordan over McCarthy, and on Wednesday, the same 20 representatives voted in favor of Donalds after Boebert nominated him for the position.

During an interview with Breitbart in December, Trump said that he supported McCarthy as he had worked very hard and he “deserves the shot.”

Trump added that he also hoped that McCarthy, if given the shot, would be strong and do everything that the party needed him to do.

On Wednesday, Trump further reiterated his support for McCarthy in a series of posts on Truth Social. As Trump said it was time for Republicans “to VOTE FOR KEVIN, CLOSE THE DEAL, TAKE THE VICTORY.” He added that McCarthy would do a good job in the position if given the chance.

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