(PartiallyPolitics.com) Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar reacted to the now-Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s deal with holdout Republicans in order to secure the Speakership. The Minnesota Democrat called the Republican holdouts “far-right insurrectionists” so McCarthy was forced to agree.

She added that those holdouts would look to hold both the “entire US and global economy hostage” by forcing cuts to housing, education, healthcare, and even Social Security. Omar posted these comments on Twitter following the conclusion of one of the longest voting rounds to ever take place in U.S. history.

Omar continued by saying that it would be “hard to overstate” the dangers of this deal.

McCarthy managed to become the House Speaker of the 118th Congress late on Friday night after he secured enough votes during the 15th ballot. He managed to get the last group of Republican holdouts to switch their votes after making promises that he would change the way legislation is handled, alter the procedures of the House and even put on a number of limits and safeguards on excess spending among other promises.

Omar’s tweet has been criticized by conservatives who don’t believe that the deal that has been struck by Republicans is “dangerous.”

Twitchy Managing Editor Samantha Janney in a tweet pointed out that cutting spending was not something only wanted by “far-right insurrectionists.”

“The Hodge Twins”, conservative commentators also tweeted out “Dangerous freedom > peaceful slavery.”

On Saturday afternoon, Omar posted again on Twitter with the caption “The 118th Congress!” and pictures of Republican Rep. Mike Rogers being restrained during a confrontation with Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz.

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