(PartiallyPolitics.com) President Biden is not facing scrutiny exclusively because of the classified documents right now. Recently his entire behavior has come under fire with many people only pointing to a social media video that shows Biden not saluting at a marine after he left Washington D.C.

In the video, President Biden can be seen failing to salute a marine as he and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden disembark a Marine One helicopter.

Pat Brody, took to Twitter to post the video which he claimed showed the President and first lady failing to salute a marine after they returned to the White House on Monday.

Since its posting, the video has been viewed over 822,000 times.

One user, Joel Fischer, went as far as to say that no one disrespected the military more than the Biden family.

The clip was also used during an ABC World News Tonight Segment that actually focused on the classified documents that were found in Biden’s possession. Outside of Twitter, the video has also been uploaded to Youtube, where people are able to view the full version of the video.

However, as many have pointed out there is actually no protocol that requires Biden or anyone else to take the change salute when disembarking a Marina One helicopter.

Brian Adam Jones, a former marine correspondent and co-founder of the military veteran forum Task & Purpose, also pointed to this saying that there is no such stipulation in place.

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