(PartiallyPolitics.com) President Biden recently visited New York City where he announced a $292 million mega grant to Amtrak for Hudson Yards Concrete Casing, Section 3. Biden reportedly said that while some were attempting to shut the Hudson Yards Concrete Casing down, he would not allow it as it was the middle class who had helped build up the country.

In a statement released by the White House on Tuesday, the funding is only one part of a $649 million early phase project which will allow for the completion of the final section and will help preserve the rights for a possible new passenger rail tunnel that would go under the Hudson River.

The concrete casing is essential for keeping the pathway for the new tunnel that would span from Penn Station to the Hudson River safe. It is also important to construct now since the new Hudson Yards development is likely to impede the path if it is not already secure.

The existing North River Tunnel is almost a century old and has been in service since 1910. It is currently the only passenger rail tunnel that spans from New York to New Jersey and it is used for more than 200,000 passenger trips every week.

Biden’s trip to New York on Tuesday followed his trip to Baltimore on Monday where he pledged that his administration would work to secure the country’s infrastructure. In Baltimore, Biden pushed for the replacement of an aging rail tunnel.

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