(PartiallyPolitics.com) A new video has been going around social media that has led to many speculating that President Joe Biden may have fallen down the stairs of Air Force One when he arrived in Poland this past weekend.

 Biden first arrived in Poland in order to take a surprise trip to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital in light of the first anniversary of the Russian invasion.

In a statement, Biden said that he met with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to discuss the U.S. continuous support for Ukraine during the war. He further announced that another $500 million in military aid would be given to Ukraine, while also placing new sanctions against Russia. As he noted in his announcement the U.S. would be providing equipment, “including artillery ammunition, anti-armor systems, and air surveillance radars” which will help fight against the aerial bombardments employed by Russia.

Ukraine is currently an active war zone, where the U.S. military has no active military presence or control.

In the video that has been shared across social media a person could be seen falling down the stairs of a U.S. government airplane. However, it is not discernible whether that plane is Air Force One. Still, that has not stopped users online from speculating that the video depicts President Biden.

Benny Johnson, a conservative commentator took to Twitter to ask whether Biden had fallen down the stairs of Air Force One again. He then proceeded to ask who was depicted in the video.

Twitter user Collin Rugg similarly wrote that in the video someone is shown to have fallen down the steps of the airplane. He then proceeded to ask what the chances were for that person to have been Joe Biden.

However, a White House spokesperson addressed the rumors after they told Newsweek that the person in the video was not Biden.

In a different video that was posted by ABC News, Biden is seen stepping off the plane without falling. However, in that video Biden is alone, while in the video that has caused the speculations there are a number of other people walking off the place.


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