(PartiallyPolitics.com) On Tuesday President Biden delivered a speech during his visit to Warsaw, Poland. During the speech, he called for the end of the Russian war in Ukraine, and he reiterated that Russia with its invasion has committed crimes against humanity.

Biden in his remarks reiterated that not only should Russian President Vladimir Putin “end the war” but that he should remember that the U.S. and its allies continue to assist Ukraine in the war effort and would even consider new sanctions against the Kremlin. Biden’s speech in Poland comes close to the time of the first anniversary of the Russian war in Ukraine. A day earlier Biden made a surprise visit to Kyiv, Ukraine where he met with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. In reference to this, Biden said that a year ago everyone had expected Kyiv to fall swiftly, but a year later Kyiv still stands “strong,” “proud,”  and “free.”

Biden also pointed out that NATO was more united than ever before and that Putin now has to come face to face with things that he did not know a year ago. That is that democracies across the globe have strengthened, not weakened in the past year. He added that this past year has shown Putin that the coalition of democratic nations remains strong and will continue to support Ukraine.

Biden also took the opportunity to respond to some of the claims that Putin had made during his own address on early Tuesday, stating that the United States and Europe did not want to “control or destroy Russia.”

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