(PartiallyPolitics.com) On Tuesday following his State of the Union address, President Biden received a standing ovation with both Democrats and Republicans supporting the president’s call to have secure Medicare and Social Security.

President Biden is currently starting negotiations for raising the debt ceiling with Republicans. The debt ceiling was originally hit in mid-January. However, many GOP members and the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy have maintained that any increase in the debt ceiling should also be followed by spending cuts and structural budget changes.

There are some Republicans that have even called for cuts in Social Security and Medicare. During his State of the Union address Biden was sure to address these requests and he slammed the GOP for not agreeing to an increase in the debt ceiling.

He added that during the Trump administration, the Republicans had not hesitated to agree to three debt ceiling increases.

Biden noted that some of the Republicans were working to keep the economy hostage and were using the debt ceiling as a way of getting their economic plans passed. He then added that everyone at home knew what these plans included, and it was not making the wealthy “pay their fair share” but rather completely sunset Social Security and Medicare. He then proceeded to acknowledge that that was not necessarily the case with the majority of Republicans but just some members of the GOP.

While Biden was making these claims there were many in the GOP heckling and shouting and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was caught yelling “liar.” Biden responded to those shouts by saying that anyone who questioned that was the case was welcome to contact his office and get a copy of the proposal.

This quietened the chamber again, to which Biden said that then he guessed they all agreed that both Medicare and Social Security were completely off the table. This statement was made with cheers and applause across the room.

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