(PartiallyPolitics.com) Following the beating and death of Tyre Nichols, former President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have increased their push for police reforms.

In a tweet, on Saturday the two wrote that following the “vicious, unjustified beating of Tyre Nichols” by five police officers which ultimately led to his death, it became even more clear that there was a need to reform the police. They added that it was important for as many people as possible to “mobilize” in order for change to actually occur.

As part of their Obama Foundation website, they added a new webpage that informed the public about how public safety could be reimagined in a way that stopped such crimes and injustices from occurring. Along with the tweet and the link, the Obamas also posted a photo of Nichols.

The Obamas posted their tweet after the footage from the body camera and surveillance video was released. In the video, it is clear that the five officers beat Nichols, a black motorist who allegedly was driving recklessly.

Originally the police department had claimed that the “confrontation” had taken place after Nichols had run away after being stopped. However, in the video is it clear that Nichols stood there and the police officers wrestled him down. It was only after that that Nichols proceeded to run away. However, the police officers reached him and beat him up for around three minutes. It took another 20 minutes for Nichols to receive any medical attention, and three days later he died in the hospital.

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