(PartiallyPolitics.com) The Texas Legislature is currently preparing for a battle as the Pastors for Texas Children are aiming their attacks toward Governor Greg Abbott.

According to recent reports, there are a thousand congregational leaders with the Pastors for Texas Children who are currently trying to put their efforts together so that school choice will be expanded.

This term normally refers to each family’s ability to choose alternatives to public school education for their children. Currently, there are an increasing number of concerns coming out of Texas as Abbott is trying to increase the state’s national profile without taking into account all the children who might be left with no choice but to go to an underfunded public school.

Reverend Charles Johnson, the founder and executive director of Pastors for Texas Children, told Newsweek that the education savings account (ESA), is not really going to accommodate the needs of many Texans as many of them live in completely rural areas. He further pointed out that in many of these cases, public education is a necessity. Johnson continued by saying that this move is not beneficial to Texans and instead it is just an attempt from the Governor to gain more political national interest in the new year.

This is not the first time that parental rights have become a point of discussion within the state. Abbott has long said that school choice and a plethora of options are already in discussions in the state.

However, the movement has now gathered even more momentum, as the Texas governor pushed for legislation that would enable parents to utilize state tax dollars in order to get their child to attend a private school.

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