(PartiallyPolitics.com) Members of the White House press team were caught on a hot mic on Thursday after President Biden refused to answer questions by reporters telling them to be “more polite people.” Following Biden’s press conference in which he spoke about the U.S. response to the Chinese spy balloons, the press corps started hurling questions toward the president.

One of the reporters specifically asked Biden whether his family’s business relationships may have compromised the U.S. position. To this Biden responded by saying “Give me a break, man.”

NBC’s Peter Alexander also asked Biden to respond to those who have criticized his reaction to the Chinese spy balloon calling it an overreaction. Biden said that those who believe that could come to his office and “ask a question where we have more polite people.” He then proceeded to walk away from the reporters.

The reporters attending were frustrated that after waiting to hear from the President for a week he exited the stage so swiftly. Some of them were even caught on a hot mic in a video that was shared by The Recount. In the video, they were blaming each other for pushing the President away with their shouting.

One of them could be heard saying that it “seemed bad,” while another noted that, “He can’t hear if everyone’s shouting.” A reporter also noted that this was not helping their “authority to get information out of the president.”

Other reporters could also be heard stating that the President would have answered questions and that the situation had been very poorly handled.

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