(PartiallyPolitics.com) On Wednesday, former U.S. President Donald Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, where a train derailment led to a toxic spill in the area.

During his visit, Trump made a speech praising local officials and emergency responders who have been working to deal with the crisis. He further proceeded to slam the federal response to the incident noting it is a “betrayal.” East Palestine’s mayor Trent Conway has also previously criticized the federal government’s approach to the crisis, especially following President Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv, Ukraine. Conway was present during Trump’s speech.

Trump arrived in East Palestine with pallets of bottled water, some of which he had claimed to have directly brought with him on his plane. However, many on Social Media alleged that the Trump-branded water was already 13 years old.

Following the Norfolk Southern freight train derailment, which caused 38 cars to come off the car, 11 of which were transporting toxic chemicals, many in the area have questioned the effects of the toxic spill. The Environmental Protection Agency, however, has maintained that the water supply in the area is safe to drink, but residents using private wells were advised to switch to bottled water for the time being.

Trump told those gathered for the event that he had brought bottles of “Trump water” as well as some water of “lesser quality.” He then urged everyone to get the Trump bottles available. He added that there would be more bottled water arriving on trucks in the area. He further claimed that with this delivery the area will have water for a long time.

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