(PartiallyPolitics.com) Former President Trump and many top intelligence officials from his administrations have stated that the claims of Chinese espionage balloons flying over the U.S. during the Trump administration were false.

Defense officials from the Biden administration recently reported that there were at least three different instances during the Trump administration when similar Chinese surveillance balloons had flown over the U.S. However Trump was quick to refute these claims by taking to social media.

In his post, he wrote that the Biden administration was trying to take the heat off themselves by claiming that similar surveillance balloons had been seen during the Trump administration over the U.S.

Trump however claimed that China respected him too much to have ever sent flying apparatuses over the United States and that all of these reports were disinformation.

Trump was not the only one to refute these claims. In fact, a number of former senior defense and intelligence officials went on Fox News on Sunday to refute these claims.

John Bolton, former national security adviser, and Robert O’Brien, another former national security adviser, both maintained that there had been no reports or briefings regarding this during the Trump administration.

However, Senior defense officials have acknowledged that the balloons during Trump’s administration had not flown over the U.S. for quite as long as the most recent balloon had.

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