(PartiallyPolitics.com) Former President Donald Trump is insisting that he never warned Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis against joining the presidential race. Instead, he had said that if he did decide to run it would show great disloyalty.

On Tuesday during an interview on “The Jenna Ellis Show” on American Family Radio, Trump reiterated that DeSantis only won the GOP’s 2018 gubernatorial election because of Trump’s support. DeSantis defeated Adam Putnam in the primary and Democrat Andrew Gillum in the general election in Florida.

Trump added that he had never told DeSantis what he should do regarding the 2024 primary race. Instead, he said that he just believes in loyalty which is what he said in his comments as well. He continued to say that before Trump’s support, DeSantis was at “3%, he was dead in politics, he was never going to be in office.” He then approached Trump to ask if he would endorse him and Trump agreed.

When asked by Ellis about DeSantis possibly joining the 2024 race. Trump said that if he did it would be disloyal, as it was Trump’s endorsement that allowed DeSantis to close the 30–40-point deficit he had against Putnam. Trump reiterated that without him DeSantis would have dropped out of the race very quickly and that he only beat Gillum because of Trump’s support.

DeSantis has not yet indicated whether or not he will be running in the 2024 presidential election. He has also repeatedly refused to address Trump’s criticisms and comments.

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