(PartiallyPolitics.com) During the first two campaign stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina, former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, while also addressing key issues like U.S. foreign policy and the immigration crisis. These were the first official stops in Trump’s presidential campaign for 2024.

Trump is currently working towards becoming the first elected President to win a second non-consecutive term since Grover Cleveland. He continuously claims that he is the best option for the GOP if they want to win the Presidential election against current President Joe Biden.

While speaking to an audience at the South Carolina state House, Trump said that 2024 was going to be their chance to save the country through strong leadership. He noted that the country needed to have a President who could “take on the whole system” and “win.”

In most recent polls, Trump appears to be leading ahead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by close to 20 points. However, there are certain areas within the country where support for Trump is dwindling. A University of New Hampshire survey showed that DeSantis had pulled ahead with 42 percent while Trump only had 30 percent of the votes. New Hampshire tends to be the country’s first primary after the Iowa caucuses.

In his South Carolina appearance, Trump was joined by Gov. Henry McMaster, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Rep. Joe Wilson.

During his speeches, Trump focused on presenting a rather dark version of the future which he warns would come to fruition if Biden is allowed to remain in the White House.

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