(PartiallyPolitics.com) On Monday Vice President Harris announced that around one billion dollars would be spent on investments in Central America. This investment is meant to be a part of the administration’s efforts to reduce migration rates by addressing the root cause of so many people fleeing the region.

The investments are going to be a part of a public-private partnership between many U.S.-based companies including Columbia Sportswear Company, and financial institutions like Microwd. Harris is set to provide more information regarding the funding commitments that will be part of this effort during the Monday afternoon meeting which will be attended by many private sector leaders and government aides.

The Partnership for Central America, a nonprofit organization, and the United States Agency for International Development are set to be in charge of coordinating all of the investments between the companies who wish to invest in the region. The investments will seek to create more opportunities for work in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These three countries have been large centers of outgoing migration from the region.

Central America’s long years of economic stagnation have largely been the reason why many leave the region and head to the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border. This new commitment is set to help mitigate that with the creation of over 1 million jobs by 2032. Job growth is not the only thing the program will deal with. Education and training will be provided for 75,000 individuals by 2027.

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