(PartiallyPolitics.com) – A Reuters report recently noted that President Biden is not pleased with Vice President Kamala Harris for not “rising to the occasion” serving as his second-in-command.

The story from Reuters included some remarks by high-ranking officials in the Biden administration who revealed how President Biden views his vice President.

One former Biden official reportedly said that it is not a matter of being capable and that if he did not believe she was capable he would not have made her his second. Instead, he said that the question is whether she can rise “to the occasion” consistently.

Second former officials also commented on the relationship between the two, noting that Biden does not see Harris as someone who could potentially be taking things “off of his plate.” He added that the “fear of messing up” has also resulted in Harris only joining certain political fights, including the border crisis, too late.

Biden had made Harris responsible for border issues in 2021, still, the Vice President had not taken the opportunity to visit the southern border and only arranged a visit after she was heavily criticized for her lack of presence in the area.

The National Border Patrol Council in January also criticized Harris for not carrying out the tasks she needed to in order to protect the border. As the council wrote Harris had been tasked with taking care of the southern border 2 years ago, and so far, she has not done anything to reduce illegal immigration. They added that for this reason, Harris needed to be “fired and replaced.

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