(PartiallyPolitics.com) – On Monday, the cast of the hit show “Ted Lasso” is going to be visiting the White House where they will meet with President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden to discuss the need for addressing mental health needs.

A statement from Apple TV+ discloses that the cast of the show, including Emmy-winning comedian and actor Jason Sudeikis, who depicts a soccer coach in the show will be present during the meeting. The show, Ted Lasso, is a pandemic-era show that depicts many important themes about optimism, kindness, and determination. The character Dani Rojas, a soccer player coached by Lasso, became famous in 2021 for his catchphrase, “Fútbol is life!”

Biden has invested millions of dollars in supporting federal, state, and local mental health efforts across the nation.

Following the pandemic, there have been many calls for the greatest mental health awareness because of the mental health crisis that ensued from the long period of isolation and social distancing which affected workers and children. The administration has used federal funds to create school-based mental health treatment and train first responders who can help respond to and handle mental health emergencies.

In a statement in October Biden said that everyone can be affected by mental health and that it is important to take action in order to change how mental health is addressed and handled in America.

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